We Empower Young People to Live Purposeful Lives.

Starting with their careers.


About the Programme

We understand that academic education on its own is not able to unlock everyone’s potential, so we provide an alternative route. We run a leadership development programme that attracts high-quality tech professionals to voluntarily support children from low-income backgrounds. 


We’re delivering our next programme in January 2020, delivered by exceptional tech professionals, in a way that empowers school children to learn relevant professional tech skills. 


Our young people will be tasked with designing an app that addresses a cause and makes a difference to their local community. Alongside this, they will undertake weekly learning tasks that will improve their professional skills.

Programme Curriculum 

Our programme is designed around 5 key learning pillars, which collectively improve the chances of young people entering tech professions. Scroll over below to better understand how each pillar helps our young people to take a step forward.


Our young people receive support to improve their numeracy and literacy so that they have the basic skills that are required to pursue a tech job.


We provide an exciting approach to learning; our young people will be able to improve their grades while gaining hands-on experience of the tech sector. 


They receive advice and careers guidance

from exceptional tech professionals.


Our mentoring network is designed to empower young people in a personalised way. With help from their mentor, they will set goals and develop a plan tailored to their career aspirations.


Our young people spend a day shadowing a tech professional. They attend meetings, understand decisions, and work on their app.


We believe that spending time in a professional setting will help our young people to become more confident. They will be able to develop their soft skills while learning about tech. 


They receive 15 weeks of free tutorials and learn design from professionals who have at least 2 years of experience.

UX/UI Design

We partner with senior designers and researchers from companies including: Spotify, Monzo, Skyscanner, and What3Words; bringing on-trend knowledge from the bleeding edge of tech.


Our young people work in teams to design an app that improves their community. Once complete, their app will be assessed in a competition where they can apply for funding.

Live project
Live Project

Putting their knowledge and skills to the test, the project prepares our young people for the challenges and rewards that come with designing an app.